Our history is our guide for the future

Established in Piraeus in 1987 by Captain Konstantinos Barbantonakis, Gram Marine started its operations focusing in bunker and lubricant trading. The company’s immaculate credit history and moral approach to everyday business helped its operations to grow rapidly and expand gaining a leader’s position.

Gram Marine continued to grow by extending its network globally and covering the majority of bunkering locations on a global scale through local and international suppliers. Products varied but quality and efficiency in services were always a priority which expressed the company’s choice to build trust by cooperating with major brands only. Gram Marine established its Cyprus office in 2001 as part of expanding its network and operating abilities together with adaptation to change. In today’s business world the shipping industry follows the general economic shift to the emerging economies while new trade routes are established. Managing that change gave Gram Marine the flexibility and competitiveness for almost 30 years.

Today our headquarters are based in Singapore the contemporary centre of shipping. Proximity to ‘where business is’ opens up unlimited opportunities and gives an outlook for the future and necessary evolution in procedures. We, Gram Marine Pte Ltd, continue with the same zeal and love for the ships, sea and the people around it and try to perfect our services while caring for the society and environment around us.