Performance Management

In may 2020 gram marine added in her services marine inspections

A Service which is specifically designed to meet complex real needs of maritime industry,    achieving maximum cost-saving and effective management of non flexible costs

Our tools designed to optimize and where possible minimize bunker fuel consumption strictly following our customer requirements adapted to every vessel real needs

Gram marine and edit automation come to an internal cooperation regarding an automated ullage system (uti wireless) in conjunction with the supply choreol flow meter we are given the chance to provide a total real time rob analysis and consumption monitoring

We design twelve specialized working tools to optimize them jointly in order to obtain an optimal result

  • Vessels familiarization and capacity plan study
  • Bqs and rob analysis
  • Multiply calculations and hedging
  • Daily consumption monitoring
  • Voyage plan/way points and weather root monitoring
  • General performance control
  • On/off hire and intermediate management
  • Supply discrepancies control
  • Contingency plans
  • Daily  comprehensive in-depth reports
  • Consumption efficiency (ce)
  • Crew training / support

We are monitoring each of your vessels continuously and we will inform you if we observe any changes to your predicted route. our tools calculate if your fleet is on-eta or on-consumption and generates an alert enabling our team to take action in due time

It is noteworthy to point out that combining together the two services offer an all-in one holistic service providing tool

The uti device as designed can provide wireless continuous measurements in real time with high accuracy while at the same costs 40%-60% less than the classic telemetry. It is worth mentioning that it is operating cost/ installation as well as spare parts are significantly cheaper than any other system

In Order to avoid zero data acquisition when we sail in bad weather conditions We suggest vessels to be equipped with Yokogawa  flow meters. These flow meters provide accurate counts in real time and record The data ( e.g. quantity of fuel required for the MAIN ENGINE, GENERATORS, and BOILERS per second), which can also be transferred via mail

As far as the choreol system is concerned its design along with its capabilities make it one of the most important tools in terms of supplies

gram marine management as well as edit automation systems make our service a unique opportunity for every shipping company as it offers an immediate solution to all the real problems enabling flexible management to every customer with direct application on and off the ship enabling the time for technicals and operators to operate effectively

We continuously aim for what is best for our customers as we are flexible and efficient in undertaking complex tasks with with a view to minimize costs and the continuous increase of customer revenue.

We operate with precision, professionalism and interaction, on and off shore, providing a real solution in every field.a view to minimize costs and the continuous increase of customer rεvenue.